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Hill's Science Plan Youthful Vitality. NEW NAME - Senior Vitality

Youthful Vitality Product

Fight the effects of ageing

Pets age much faster than people. If your pet is aged 7 and over they are considered senior, while large breed dogs reach the senior stage at age 5. It’s at this age that pets’ cell function starts to change, slowing pets down both mentally and physically, and their nutritional needs change as well.

Pet’s spend more than half their lives as seniors but many miss out on the benefits of eating the right food as it’s not always easy to spot the signs of ageing.

Watch out for the tell TAILS signs of ageing

Through more than a decade of research into how nutrition impacts the ways cells function in pet’s 7+, we’ve learned a lot about how the right food can help keep pets feeling like they are in their prime adult years, even if you haven’t seen signs of ageing.

How it works

Created specifically for 7+ pets with the power of cutting edge food science, Science Plan Senior Vitality is breakthrough nutrition made with our proprietary recipe of natural ingredients including fruits and vegetables, added fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids – all working together to fight signs of ageing.

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In a clinical study1, pets fed Hill’s Science Plan Senior Vitality showed increased vitality, ability to get moving, running and playing, desire to interact and shinier, softer coats. 

In an in-house study, 70% of dog owners and 79% of cat owners saw improvements in one or more signs of ageing after just 30 days2.

1. Clinical study conducted with 214 dogs aged 7-15 years and 82 cats from 8-15 years and with US veterinarians and pet owners. 
2. In-House User Test study conducted with a prototype formulation (USA, 2015) via Applied Market Research (IMR) with 279 cats & dogs all above 7 years of age.

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